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An overview of the NDIS overnight supports provided by SeenCare

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24 Hour & Overnight Support for NDIS Participants

At SeenCare, our team of disability support workers and at home nurses deliver a range of overnight home care supports in Melbourne.

Whether you need sleepover supports, active overnight care, on-call assistance, or after-hours home nursing—we can help.

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What is NDIS Overnight Support?

There are two ways an NDIS participant can receive overnight supports: General night supports and night-time sleepover supports.

General Night Supports

Many of the supports in the ‘Assistance with Daily Life’ category can be delivered at night time.

These supports are normally provided by a disability support worker and might include:

  • Help with personal care activities, such as toileting, bathing and dressing
  • Transferring in and out of bed, or on and off the toilet
  • Assistance with the management of medication and health issues
  • Emotional support, including managing challenging behaviors

For these general night services, an evening support is one that starts after 8:00 pm and finishes at or before midnight. While a night support starts at or before midnight and finishes by 6:00 am.

Overnight Nursing Care: Home nursing supports can also be delivered at night time. An evening nursing support starts no earlier than 12:00 noon and finishes after 6:00 pm. A night home nursing support starts at or later than 6:00 pm, then finishes before 7:30 am.

Night-Time Sleepover Supports

Where a participant requires a disability support worker to be present throughout the night, a night-time sleepover support may be funded by the NDIS.

Night-time sleepover supports are grouped into two categories: Active overnight care and inactive overnight care.

Active overnight care means the participant requires support through all or most of the night. The disability support worker can’t sleep during an active overnight care shift.

Inactive overnight care is when up to 2 hours of assistance or supervision may be required, but then the support worker can sleep when they aren’t providing care. Inactive night-time sleepover supports are provided for a continuous period of eight hours or more.

Costs of Overnight Home Care

Different rates are charged for each category of NDIS overnight support.

  • General night supports are charged at an hourly rate. They will be billed as either evening or night-time support.
  • NDIS active overnight support is billed hourly at the night rate (both for disability support workers and nurses).
  • Inactive overnight care is charged as a set rate for an entire eight-hour shift. This is referred to as ‘Night-Time Sleepover’ supports in the NDIS price guide. There is no night-time sleepover rate for home nursing, which is always charged hourly.

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How To Get Funding for NDIS Overnight Support

Needing support at night time shouldn’t stop a person with disability from living in the community. So if you or a person you’re caring for needs overnight care, bring this up at the next planning meeting.

The NDIS will only fund an overnight support worker or nurse if it’s ‘reasonable and necessary.’ Therefore, you’ll need to explain why night time after hours supports are required. When doing this, it’s best to link the practical care with an NDIS participant’s goal.

Some examples would be:

  • Susan needs active overnight NDIS support to help manage safety with transfers to get to the toilet and suctioning to prevent saliva buildup in her airways. This support will allow Susan to remain living in her sister’s home, maintaining and strengthening her family relationships.
  • Patrick moved into a shared house three months ago. His sleeping pattern has been unpredictable since, resulting in him disturbing the other residents and placing his accommodation in jeopardy. Patrick requires an inactive night-time sleepover shift to help redirect him to bed when he wakes in the night. This will support his goal of independently living in the community.

After Hours and Overnight Services with SeenCare

At SeenCare, most of the services available from our disability support workers and home nurses can be delivered in the evening and throughout the night.

We have a 24-hour-a-day, 7-day per week roster. And for clients with suitable funding, we’ll gladly tailor a package of care to keep you or your loved one safe and comfortable throughout the night.

Because we have bulk-billing GPs and nurses integrated into our team, we’re able to deliver high-level overnight care to participants with complex medical needs. In many cases, this allows participants who otherwise would require residential care to live independently in the community.

Finally, SeenCare is a registered NDIS provider with the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission. So when you choose us as your provider of overnight supports, you can be confident in receiving a safe and high quality service.

To find out more, contact one of our friendly team members today.

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