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NDIS Cleaning and Household Tasks

Professional and empathetic support to keep your house feeling like a home

If you’re an NDIS participant and need help with cleaning and general tasks around the house, we can help.

The team at SeenCare will work with you to come up with a detailed plan to keep your house clean, tidy, organised and functioning the way you want. That way, you’ll have more time to focus on the things that really matter in life.

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NDIS Cleaning Services Explained

If disability prevents you from doing all or part of the usual cleaning duties involved in maintaining a home, you may be eligible for NDIS home cleaning assistance.

Depending on your ability, NDIS cleaning might include support staff:

  • Doing all cleaning duties for you
  • Helping with just the tasks you’re unable to do
  • Working together on cleaning tasks (to maintain and build your independence)

Cleaning Services Provided by SeenCare

NDIS house cleaning services provided by our team include:

  • Laundry and clothes washing - Including essential ironing and helping to put away and organise clothes where required
  • Vacuuming and mopping floors - Can be provided on a set schedule according to your needs
  • Washing dishes and cleaning the kitchen area - Might be combined with any meal preparation assistance you get from a support worker
  • Changing sheets and bed linen - NDIS cleaning services can help with any parts of this process you can’t manage
  • Cleaning toilets and bathroom areas - Including cleaning sinks and all wet areas in your home

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Support Available with General Household Tasks

Cleaning is an important part of maintaining a home, but other regular household tasks need to be attended to as well.

We can help with a range of NDIS household tasks, such as:

  • Taking out rubbish and recycling bins
  • Lawn mowing, gardening and yard maintenance
  • Grocery shopping
  • Bigger cleaning jobs, like windows, ovens and outside areas
  • Arranging NDIS carpet cleaning or deep cleaning

How to Get NDIS Cleaning and Household Assistance

When you apply to the NDIS (or have a plan review), an assessor will ask about your ability to undertake cleaning and household tasks.

If your capacity is limited in these areas due to disability, you may be granted funding from the NDIS to purchase relevant supports.

NDIS home cleaning services are funded in the ‘Assistance with Daily Life’ section of the Core Supports Budget in your NDIS plan.

Once you have funding for help with daily activities, you can then approach NDIS cleaning services providers to support you.

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Considerations when Choosing a NDIS Provider

There are several important things to consider when evaluating NDIS cleaning providers.

  1. Is the provider registered? If you are plan managed or self managed, you can choose to use a cleaner, support worker, or gardener who is not a registered NDIS provider. If your plan is agency managed, you’ll need to stick with NDIS registered cleaning services, like SeenCare.
  2. What is the cost? The cost for NDIS house cleaners can vary between providers. Be sure to check both the hourly cost of services and how long the provider says they will need to complete cleaning and household tasks each week.
  3. Will I have a regular cleaner/support person? When you have regular staff for NDIS domestic cleaning, they will become familiar with your needs and preferences. This helps you feel more comfortable and for the support to be delivered in a reliable and consistent way.
  4. Can I get other services from the provider? If you can use the same NDIS provider for household tasks and other services, your supports can often be delivered more efficiently. For example, you might use the same disability support worker for assistance with meals and doing a daily tidy up of your home.
  5. Are the NDIS cleaning services near me? Choosing a provider close to you cuts down any costs you might need to pay for travel time. Our NDIS cleaning services in Melbourne are perfect for people in the South East Melbourne Region (Berwick, Narre Warren, Frankston, Hallam, Dandenong, Endeavour Hills, Cranbourne and surrounding areas).

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The SeenCare Difference

At SeenCare, we understand that cleaning and household tasks are a personal matter.

Everyone has different priorities and preferences when it comes to organising their house. Therefore, we see our role as partnering with you to make your home feel like a safe, functional and enjoyable place to live.

Our team can provide just cleaning services and assistance with household tasks. Or, if appropriate, we’ll happily combine NDIS cleaning services with other assistance from one of our disability support workers.

Because SeenCare is a registered NDIS provider with the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission, you can be confident in receiving a high quality service when you choose us as your cleaning and household tasks provider.

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  • Do you provide NDIS gardening services?

    Our cleaners and support workers can help with light garden maintenance, like watering or sweeping outside. For bigger gardening jobs, we can recommend one of our partners for NDIS gardening services.

  • Can I get NDIS carpet cleaning?

    Periodic carpet cleaning is part of general house cleaning and home maintenance. Our staff can assist with vacuuming carpets and spot cleaning. We can also help arrange professional carpet cleaning funded by the NDIS when required.

  • Is NDIS window cleaning available?

    Most people find that their regular NDIS house cleaning is enough to keep windows clean. However, if you have difficult to reach or hard to clean windows, you may be able to use your funding to hire a professional window cleaner.

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