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SeenCare can help NDIS participants engage in meaningful social and community activities

Doing things like visiting friends, going to the movies and playing sports aren’t just enjoyable—they’re also an important part of maintaining relationships and emotional well-being.

If disability makes it challenging for you to engage in social activities, SeenCare has a range of supports that can help you with community participation and access.

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What is NDIS Social and Community Participation?

In short, social and community participation means going to places to join or undertake activities you enjoy.

The most important parts of community participation are that it’s:

  • Meaningful to the individual
  • Aligned with the participant’s preferences and goals
  • An enriching and enjoyable activity

This can look different for everyone. So increased social and community participation NDIS supports must be consumer-focused and developed in partnership with the participant.

Benefits of Being Engaged in the Community

There are many benefits to getting assistance with social and community participation.

Being active in the community can:

  • Provide the opportunity to make new friends
  • Help to maintain and strengthen relationships you already have
  • Allow you to develop new skills
  • Help to find activities and hobbies you enjoy
  • Build your network of supports
  • Make you feel more connected and included
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Examples of Community Activities

Any activity that’s meaningful and involves some form of socialisation and community participation can be considered a community access NDIS service.

Some examples include:

  • Going to a shopping mall, library or other public place
  • Travelling to visit friends or family
  • Attending an event, like a concert, show or movie
  • Taking a class to learn new skills, like pottery or using a computer
  • Engaging in volunteering activities
  • Playing sports, going for a walk or attending the gym

Funding for NDIS Community Participation Supports

If disability makes it difficult for you to independently undertake social activities, you can ask for funding in your plan to purchase relevant supports.

NDIS assistance with social and community participation will generally be funded in your Capacity Building Supports budget. This funding is designed to build your skills and independence to work toward personal goals.

The support funded varies between individuals. For example, one person might need assistance with mobility and communication. Whereas another participant’s main challenges could be around the planning and coordination of outings.

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How SeenCare Can Assist You

As Melbourne’s leading registered NDIS provider for participants with high medical needs, we understand how disability and health problems can impact your ability to access the community.

For many people, socialising can get put in the “too hard” or “nice to have” basket, and not be given the priority it deserves.

When you choose SeenCare as your NDIS provider, we’ll work with you to develop an individual community participation plan. This plan will be tailored to your needs and preferences, to help you get involved in meaningful and beneficial community activities. SeenCare is a registered NDIS provider with the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission. So you can feel confident in receiving safe and high quality supports to help you achieve your goals.

Below is a list of just some of the ways our team of disability support workers, home nurses and bulk-billing GPs can help with NDIS community participation.

If you don’t see what you need, please get in touch. We’ll be happy to discuss an individually tailored plan to meet your needs.


  • Car transport to and from activities
  • Assistance to arrange accessible transport (e.g., wheelchair taxi)
  • Training and support to use public transport
  • Support to walk to a nearby location

Finding and Planning Activities

  • Help identifying new and existing interests
  • Finding options for activities in your local community
  • Booking classes or tickets to events
  • Reminders to get to scheduled activities

Practical Support

  • Support with mobility throughout an activity
  • Assistance with communication
  • Help with meals while away from home
  • Setting up and use of equipment and aids

Medical Assistance

  • Arranging medication to bring on an outing
  • Use of medical devices in the community (e.g., inhalers, glucometer)
  • Advice on medical safety measures for a social activity
  • Nursing support during a planned outing or event

Emotional Support

  • Encouragement to try a new activity
  • Support workers can help manage nerves or social anxiety
  • Short-term support to build confidence
  • Advice for managing new social relationships


  • Someone to accompany you on an activity (e.g., walk or bike ride)
  • Bring a support worker as a companion to an event
  • Get social support in the home if you can’t go out
  • Do activities with a support worker with shared interests
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