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SeenCare NDIS clients can use our bulk billing GP service on a regular or as needed basis.

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Bulk Billed GP Support

Getting regular input from a GP is an essential part of managing health issues in the community.

But for people living with disability, barriers like limited finances, mobility issues, communication challenges and a lack of GP availability can make it difficult to access suitable medical care.

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Disability-Friendly Medical Care, with No Out of Pocket Costs

To help people with disability look after their health, we can provide a bulk billing GP service to our NDIS participants.

At SeenCare, we believe in providing a holistic approach to healthcare. This is why our GP services are offered as a package, in combination with home nursing and disability support services.

The use of our GP service is entirely optional. You can use it on a regular schedule, as needed or not at all.

Furthermore, if you already have a regular GP in the community, we encourage you to maintain this relationship. Many of our clients use our bulk-billing GPs as an ‘add-on’ service for when their regular doctor is unavailable to help with a particular issue.

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Services Provided by Our GPs

Care delivered by our bulk-billing GPs is always tailored to an individual’s needs.

As a general guide, our GPs can provide the following services.

  • Prescriptions: Get regular or one-off prescriptions. These can be provided directly to you or sent to your regular pharmacy.
  • Health checks and routine care: In addition to general checkups, our GPs can complete specific age or condition-based health checks (e.g., ‘Over 40s health check for Men’).
  • Chronic disease management: Ongoing assistance to manage chronic medical conditions like diabetes, heart disease or asthma.
  • Referrals and coordinating care: Referrals to and collaboration with specialist doctors and allied health professionals.
  • Mental health care: General reviews, medication management and referrals/shared care with mental health providers.
  • Forms and medical certificates: If you need a doctor to fill in or sign a form, our GPs can assist.
  • Vaccines and immunisation: We provide the full range of immunisations, including COVID and flu vaccines.
  • Minor surgical procedures: Our doctors can help with wound care, skin biopsies, iron infusions, abscesses and cysts, ingrown toenails and more.
  • Care plans: Access Medicare-funded services through a GP-managed care plan (like podiatry, physiotherapy and dietetics).
  • Education and advice: Our GPs can provide specialised advice for people with disability who also have high healthcare needs.
  • Home or clinic appointments: We offer in-clinic appointments. And where required, a bulk-billing GP can conduct a home visit.

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Benefits of Integrated Medical Care

At SeenCare, because our team includes disability support workers, home nurses and bulk billing GPs, we can deliver truly integrated care that is:


A huge frustration when you have health and disability support needs is miscommunication or misunderstandings between your community care team.

Because our medical and disability support staff all operate within the same team, any changes to care or issues requiring attention are rapidly communicated to relevant staff members.


A measure of good medical care is that it’s delivered in a person-centred way, according to the needs and preferences of the individual.

Our combined healthcare and disability supports are designed to maximise choice, balancing medical needs with personal goals around autonomy and independence.

Cost Efficient

There’s no getting around it, healthcare can be expensive. Some NDIS participants may struggle to afford all their care needs within their allocated budget.

By using in-house bulk-billing GPs and nursing staff, SeenCare can help you get maximum value out of your NDIS plan.


Whether it’s due to treatments offered, appointment times, or not being sensitive to disability-related needs, a common complaint about medical care is that it’s often rigid and inflexible.

We recognise that people with disability have unique needs when it comes to healthcare. And our team always strives to provide maximum choice and flexibility when delivering care.


When healthcare is delivered collaboratively, by actively involving the patient and all care providers, it tends to be more effective.

Because flexible, coordinated, person-centred care is at the heart of everything we do, we can provide effective healthcare support for NDIS participants at a level that few providers can match.

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Questions About Bulk-Billed GP Support

  • Is your GP service only available to SeenCare clients?

    Yes. There is a high demand for bulk billing GP services. So at this stage, we only have capacity to service SeenCare NDIS clients.

  • My health needs are out of the ordinary. Can you still help?

    We’ve successfully supported many people with rare conditions and unique care needs. Please contact us and one of our team members will advise if we can help.

  • Do your GPs home visit?

    Yes. Our bulk-billing GPs can provide home visits, clinic appointments and telehealth services.

  • Can I still keep my regular doctor if I use the SeenCare GP?

    Absolutely. In fact, we recommend it. Our GPs will happily provide shared care or input on an as needed basis.

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