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We’re on a mission to change how care is delivered to NDIS participants with high medical needs.

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At SeenCare, we understand the barriers people living with co-occurring disability and medical needs face in accessing high-quality care.

For too long, NDIS participants have been forced to choose between a care provider who is skilled at disability care, but can’t meet their healthcare needs. Or a service that delivers high-level medical support, without being sensitive to the needs of people with disability.

To overcome these barriers, we assembled a team of experienced disability support workers, home nurses and bulk-billing GPs. Together, these professionals collaborate to deliver a truly unique model of integrated disability and medical care to NDIS participants in Melbourne.

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Our Mission

To work towards a more inclusive society, where people with disability and medical issues are empowered to choose their own path, leading happy and healthy lives. We envision a disability and healthcare system that functions as a cohesive whole, where people have seamless access to the services and supports they need to thrive.

Our Vision

We are on a mission to change how care is delivered to NDIS participants with high medical needs. Our goal is to make it just as easy for people to access quality home nursing and GP support, as it is to get assistance from a support worker. We also believe that disability and healthcare services must be delivered in an integrated, collaborative and person-centred way.

Our Values

We believe having complex support needs shouldn’t limit a person’s freedom, independence or access to services.

Three core values underpin everything we do:

Facilitating consumer choice. People with disabilities are experts in the best way to live their lives. It’s our job to listen and support participants with their goals and dreams.

Promoting independence. Needing support shouldn’t mean losing independence over one’s life. Everything we do is focused on promoting an individual’s freedom and self-determination.

Supporting long-term health. We always take a long-term view of health and well-being. Small, consistent and thoughtful actions now can dramatically improve future outcomes.

Our Commitment

When you choose SeenCare as your provider, we commit to delivering a reliable, transparent and professional service. Our team are all experts at working with people with disability and complex medical needs, but if our service ever fails to meet expectations—we want you to tell us about it. We value participant feedback and are committed to continually improving the standard of our practice.

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