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NDIS Short Term Accommodation in Melbourne

SeenCare is a registered NDIS provider that specialises in supporting participants with complex care requirements and high healthcare needs.

We operate several supported independent living (SIL) homes in Melbourne. While these are often fully occupied, there are occasions when we can accept referrals for STA.

Because our team includes experienced disability support workers, home nurses and bulk-billing GPs, we are able to meet the needs of NDIS participants that require a high level of specialised care and support.

If you would like to discuss a referral for STA, please fill in the enquiry form or click the link below and one of our team members will be in touch.

Please Note: Because we specialise in supporting participants with higher needs, we can usually only accept referrals that include 1:1 support and active overnight care.

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What is NDIS Short Term Accommodation?

The NDIS is mainly about providing long term assistance for people with disability to live well and pursue their goals in the community. However, there are times more short term assistance is required—particularly in the area of accommodation.

The two types of temporary NDIS accommodation funding are:

  • Short term accommodation (STA)
  • Medium term accommodation (MTA)

These types of funding may be available to NDIS participants who need time-limited accommodation because of circumstances related to their personal and/or housing situations.

On this page we will mainly be covering NDIS STA. But you can also learn about MTA by reading our medium term accommodation web page.

Keep reading to find out more. Or, if you want to check if we have an STA vacancy in Melbourne, please contact us today.

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An Overview of STA NDIS Services

NDIS STA funding is a type of home and living support that can be granted to participants who need to live outside of their regular housing for a short period of time.

NDIS short term accommodation guidelines state that this funding should usually only be used for 14 days at a time, with a total of 28 days per year.

Unless specified otherwise, STA funding NDIS is for group-type or shared accommodation.

Reasons short term accommodation NDIS might be granted

Some of the most common things STA is provided for include:

  • For respite, so you and your regular carers can take a break
  • To try out a new living arrangement
  • An unexpected emergency that stops you from safely living at home

How to get NDIS STA funding in your plan

If it is related to one of your goals, funding for NDIS STA accommodation will usually be included in your plan when it is first being developed or reviewed.

This is because even though STA can be used for emergencies, it tends to work best when it is planned out beforehand. That way, you can choose a provider and decide how you might handle your stay with NDIS STA providers before you move in.

If STA isn’t currently included in your plan but you think you might benefit from it, you can talk to your support coordinator or local area coordinator about having your plan reviewed.

Things covered by STA funding

STA funding pays NDIS short term accommodation providers for all expenses for the duration of your stay, including:

  • The cost of accommodation
  • Assistance with personal care and community access
  • Food and any negotiated activities

Finding a Short Term Accommodation Provider

Because everyone’s needs and personal circumstances are different, NDIS short term accommodation providers vary a lot.

For example, STA NDIS accommodation could be at:

  • A shared house with low to moderate onsite supports
  • A hotel, apartment or other type of short term holiday rental
  • Support in your own home while your regular carers are away
  • Accommodation in a high-level support facility with 24/7 specialised care

Tips for Choosing an NDIS STA Provider

As we mentioned before, it is always best to choose STA accommodation before you actually need it. To be prepared for emergencies, some participants have a shortlist of 2 or 3 STA providers. This increases the chance of a vacancy being available at short notice.

Some tips for choosing NDIS short term accommodation include:

  • Check that the support and accommodation are suitable for your care needs and your goals for using STA. For example, if you are using STA to test out living more independently, it may be important to find somewhere close to public transport or some community activities you want to try out
  • Ask about vacancies and waitlists. For planned respite, a waitlist may be ok because you can book ahead to lock in dates throughout the year. However, if you expect to use STA for unplanned emergencies, a provider with a long waitlist or who rarely has vacancies might not be a good fit
  • Visit the place before committing to a stay. Sometimes, the pictures of an STA NDIS property don’t match the reality. Or, you could get to the accommodation and find the mix of staff and residents just isn’t a good fit for you. To avoid any problems like this, visit STA accommodation NDIS before you commit to a stay. That way, can be confident that it’s the best choice for your circumstances.

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Why Choose SeenCare for STA NDIS Housing?

SeenCare is a registered NDIS provider that specialises in supporting participants with high medical needs and complex care requirements.

We operate several SIL homes in Melbourne. And while these are often fully occupied with long term residents, there are occasions when we have vacancies and can accept referrals for STA and MTA.

Our team of experienced disability support workers can support participants of all backgrounds. However, because we also have home nurses and bulk-billing GPs on staff, the range of services we can deliver extend far beyond the average NDIS provider.

Extended Supports Available in SeenCare STA

In addition to the standard range of NDIS supports, SeenCare can also provide support with:

  • Catheter and stoma care
  • Continence management
  • PEG and swallowing assistance
  • Healthcare coordination
  • Medication management
  • Wound and pressure ulcer care
  • Diabetes and chronic disease management
  • Rehabilitation support

This extended range of integrated health and disability supports means that by using SeenCare’s STA or MTA services, participants with complex needs can potentially avoid returning to hospital or institutional care when they need respite or in times of accommodation instability.

Please Note: Because we specialise in supporting participants with higher needs, we can usually only accept referrals that include 1:1 support and active overnight care.

To discuss a referral for STA, please contact us today.

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