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SeenCare is a leading provider of disability support services in Melbourne

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NDIS-Registered Disability Services Provider in Melbourne, VIC

When choosing a disability care provider, it’s important to check that the organisation you’re considering is equipped to meet your specific needs.

Just as every person with disability is unique, disability services providers each tend to have their own particular areas of expertise.

At SeenCare, we’re not the best disability service provider for everyone. But for NDIS participants with medical support needs, we offer a standard of care that few providers can match.

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Integrated Health and Disability Care

The team of dedicated professionals at SeenCare are:

Experts in Healthcare & Disability

Our disability care team consists of disability support workers, home nurses and bulk billing GPs.

These experienced practitioners combine their expertise in both healthcare and disability to deliver the highest standard of community care to NDIS participants.

We are one of the few registered NDIS disability support services in Melbourne that can deliver truly integrated medical and disability care.

Committed to Changing Lives

At SeenCare, our mission is to deliver the type of disability care that changes lives.

We understand that people with disability and health issues can face considerable barriers to living a full and independent life in the community. And breaking down these barriers is what our team is all about.

When you choose SeenCare as your NDIS disability service provider, we commit to helping you build the life of your dreams

Flexible in Our Approach

There’s no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to disability support services.

Each person has a unique set of needs, preferences and goals, so the only way to achieve a good outcome is through a flexible approach.

Because our team includes home nurses and GPs, we can provide flexible care options that other disability services providers can’t.

Collaborative and Person Centred

Collaboration is essential for disability service providers supporting people with complex needs.

While we can handle most care needs ‘in house,’ we understand that it’s often necessary to get help from external professionals and providers.

If you need assistance from another practitioner (such as an allied health professional or specialist doctor), we’ll gladly arrange a referral and work in partnership with the other service.

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Our range of Disability Services in Melbourne includes:

We deliver a range of disability supports to NDIS participants living in the South East Melbourne region. As a registered NDIS provider with the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission, SeenCare is subject to ongoing independent audit and assessment processes to ensure the delivery of safe and high quality services.

Depending on your NDIS plan and level of funding, you may be eligible to use one or more of the disabilities services listed below.

Disability Support Worker

Get an experienced disability care worker to help you work toward the goals in your NDIS plan.

Overnight Care

Many of our support services for disability can be provided during evenings, after hours and even overnight.

Personal Care

Our disability support service can be used for support with all aspects of personal care and grooming.

Bulk Billed GP Support

People with disability can face considerable barriers to accessing medical care in the community. That’s why we provide a bulk-billing GP service to all our NDIS clients.

Social and Community Participation

One of the most important roles of a disability service provider is to support participation in the community.

NDIS Cleaning & Household Tasks

Need a hand with cleaning and maintaining your home? Disability services can include attending to the tasks you find difficult due to disability.

Transport Assistance

As a comprehensive disability care services provider, we can provide transport as a standalone service or where required in the delivery of disability care.

NDIS Respite Care

Disability services provided by SeenCare can fulfil the role of respite, as they occupy the NDIS participant in meaningful activities in the home or at another location.

Post Hospital Care

Disability care needs are often increased after a hospital stay. We can work in partnership with hospital and Medicare-funded services to ensure a safe transition home.

Home Nursing Care

As a health-oriented disability support agency, we can deliver home nursing to help you manage any health issues in the community.

Assistance with Daily Life

Our team of experienced staff delivers the full range of assistance with daily life NDIS support services to people living in Melbourne.

Medication Management

As one of the only disability service providers with in-house nurses and doctors, we can assist with all aspects of medication management—even those considered ‘high-risk.’

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Complex Disability Care, Done Your Way

At SeenCare, we don’t believe having complex support needs should limit independence and choice.

By delivering truly integrated support services for disability and medical issues, our goal is to help NDIS participants create their own unique version of independent community living.

Every NDIS participant's needs and preferences are different. So to find out how we can support you to achieve your goals, contact one of our friendly team members today.

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