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NDIS Travel and Transport Assistance Services in Melbourne

If disability prevents you from using public transport, you may be eligible for NDIS transport services.

Funding for transport assistance can be allocated in a few separate areas of your plan. Depending on your circumstances, you may be able to use it to get appointments, access the community, receive supports outside of your home and more.

On this page, we’ll give a brief explanation of NDIS transport, along with an overview of the disability transport options available through SeenCare.

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NDIS Transport Funding Explained

Like all NDIS supports, transport services for disability will only be funded where they are considered reasonable and necessary.

The main factors that go into a decision on funding for NDIS transport services are:

  • Will transport support assist a participant to pursue the goals in their plan?
  • Does disability prevent the participant from using public transport?
  • Are there alternatives to transport assistance (like informal supports or vehicle modifications) that provide better value?

How to Get Transport In Your Plan

The best way to get NDIS transport funding in your plan is to ask for it!

Disability transport services should be discussed in your initial planning meeting and at every scheduled plan review. If your needs have changed recently or you don’t think assisted transport has been properly addressed, please get in touch with your Local Area Coordinator or Support Coordinator.

You might be asked to explain why you need NDIS transport services. However, as long as your request is in line with the three points above, any reasonable request for transport services for disability should be granted.

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Different Types of NDIS Transport Allowance

There are two types of transport NDIS funding:

1. General Transport

A general NDIS transport allowance can be provided according to the community activities you are involved in.

Depending on your work and/or education commitments, you may be granted between $1,606 and $3,456 per year (see the NDIS Transport Funding fact sheet for more info).

General NDIS transport funding can be used to purchase taxis, to use rideshare transport (like Uber) or to purchase transport through NDIS transport providers.

Your NDIS transport allowance can be paid periodically into your bank account or directly to transport providers.

2. NDIS Activity Based Transport

If you need a disability support worker to accompany you during community supports, you may be eligible for activity based transport NDIS.

In these cases, a support worker would transport you to and from an activity or service, such as employment, education, a social activity or a medical appointment. The worker would also support you throughout the activity.

With activity based transport, the support worker is paid for their time, in addition to running costs for operating their vehicle (Activity Based Transport is explained in detail in the NDIS Pricing Arrangements).

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What Can NDIS Transport Funding Be Used For?

Disability transport services can be used for a wide range of activities, such as:

  • Getting to and from education, training or work
  • Maintaining social relationships
  • Accessing and participating in the community
  • Learning new skills
  • Attending appointments

If you need to travel in a modified vehicle, such as wheelchair transport, your plan will include funding to cover the costs of this.

Choosing Between NDIS Transport Providers

While transport might not be the most complex support, it’s still important to choose NDIS transport providers carefully.

The most important considerations are:

  • Cost : If fees for NDIS transport are too high, your funding may not cover all of your support needs.
  • Availability : The NDIS community transport service you choose should be available when you need it, whether for regular or short notice bookings.
  • Integrated supports : For NDIS activity based transport, it’s essential to confirm the provider has staff who can provide the support that you need.

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Disability Transport Services in Melbourne

SeenCare is the leading provider in Melbourne for NDIS participants with high medical needs. We are a fully registered NDIS provider with the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission.

As part of our comprehensive suite of NDIS services, we provide both general transport and NDIS activity based transport.

Our NDIS community transport workers will gladly take you to appointments or community events. And if you need 1:1 assistance to engage in something like a medical appointment, therapy activity or support service—one of our experienced disability support workers can help.

When you choose SeenCare as your NDIS transport provider, you can be confident you’ll receive:

  • Reliable transport that arrives on time
  • The assistance of capable and experienced support workers
  • Fairly priced NDIS transport
  • Support to get the most out of your transport funding

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