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Supported independent living (also known as SIL, for short) is a great option for people who need a substantial amount of support every day, yet want to continue living independently in the community.

At SeenCare, our area of expertise is delivering comprehensive supports to NDIS participants with complex care requirements and high medical needs. Our team includes home nurses, bulk billing GPs and specialist disability support workers. This allows us to deliver a unique model of care that looks after participants' disability and healthcare needs, all within the same organisation.

On this page, we’ll provide an overview of supported independent living, with examples of what makes our SIL different.

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What Is SIL?

SIL, or supported independent living, is just one type of home and living support provided by the NDIS. It’s generally best suited to participants with high support needs, who require some type of assistance or supervision all the time.

While it’s not a strict requirement, SIL is usually provided in shared living environments. In such an arrangement, several NDIS participants live in the same home (say, a 4 bedroom house), with a team of staff supporting the residents together.

What Does NDIS SIL Funding Cover?

SIL funding can cover the costs of a range of supports, such as:

  • Personal Care - like showering, dressing and grooming
  • Household Tasks - including cleaning, cooking and gardening
  • Skill Development - for example, increasing social and practical life skills
  • Supervision - to ensure personal safety of participants
  • Medication Assistance - such as reminders and/or help to take medication
  • Support with Appointments - like seeing a doctor or health professional
  • Accessing the community - in case a participant needs to complete a personal task
  • Disability-Specific Needs - any reasonable in-home supports related to disability

Supported independent living does not cover daily living expenses, like groceries, utilities or rent.

Are SIL NDIS Services Right for You?

The general aim of SIL is to help participants with higher support needs live independently. But on an individual level, it’s important to consider whether this type of support is right for you.

Supported independent living NDIS might be right if you:

  • Don't mind sharing accommodation and supports with other participants
  • Need support or supervision throughout the day
  • Require overnight support or supervision
  • Have high active person-to-person support needs (at least 8 hours per day)
  • Wish to live in a community rather than residential care setting

SIL Accommodation

A confusing thing about independent living support is you’ll often hear people talk about ‘SIL accommodation’. You will also see providers (like us) advertising ‘supported independent living vacancies’ or a ‘SIL house.’

This leads many people to think that SIL funding includes accommodation costs—but this is incorrect.

NDIS SIL funding covers the cost of in-home supports. However, participants living in a SIL home usually still have to contribute to rent

When a provider says they operate SIL accommodation, that means they manage a suitable property for residents with SIL funding to live in. For a person to move into a SIL house, both provider and participant need to first be confident that the move is a good fit in all areas (location, resident mix, support needs, personal preferences and more)

How SeenCare Supported Independent Living Is Different

At SeenCare, our mission is to support NDIS participants with high medical needs to live independent, self-determined lives in the community.

Historically, people living with disability and significant health problems have had difficulty accessing high-quality care. So, to achieve our goal, we realised we needed to do things differently from other supported independent living providers.

With extensive professional experience in both the medical and disability sectors, the leadership team at SeenCare developed a new model of NDIS SIL care from the ground up.

The SeenCare SIL Model

Rather than trying to separate a participant's medical and disability needs, the SeenCare model recognises care needs for just what they are—a person’s unique support requirements.

Because the SeenCare team includes home nurses, bulk-billing GPs and specialist disability support workers, we can tailor an integrated, holistic and person-centred package of care for each of our SIL clients. And in most cases, we can manage all support requirements ‘in house.’

Alongside support from our medical team, SeenCare SIL clients can access our entire range of NDIS services and supports (where there is a demonstrated need).

SeenCare is a registered NDIS provider with the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission. Our SIL services have been independently audited and assessed to ensure the delivery of safe and high quality care.

Medical Issues We Work With

In addition to catering to a participant’s disability support needs, some of the medical issues we can help manage include:

  • Diabetes: Help with all aspects of diabetes management. From blood sugar monitoring to insulin administration and emergency management plans.
  • Catheters and stomas: Our nurses can assist with routine catheter and stoma care. We can also undertake tasks such as catheter changes in a SIL house, rather than a clinic.
  • PEG and swallowing assistance: With guidance from our medical team, most aspects of PEG feeding and swallowing assistance can be managed by our support workers.
  • Continence management: Education and assistance with continence aids and management strategies to deliver professional and dignified continence care.
  • High-risk medications: Administration of medications like insulin, blood thinners and restricted pain medications can be overseen by our doctors and nurses.
  • Complex care coordination: If a participant requires input from multiple healthcare professionals, we can coordinate their overall care.
  • Wound and pressure ulcer care: Our nurses are experts at managing and preventing difficult to heal wounds and pressure ulcers.

To learn more about how SeenCare supports NDIS participants with high medical needs, please see the pages detailing our Home Nursing Care and Bulk Billing GP services.

Supported Independent Living Vacancies in Melbourne

SeenCare operates one SIL house in Narre Warren South, with plans to open more in the near future.

If you’re interested in seeing whether our SIL accommodation could be suitable for you, please contact us to talk to one of our friendly team members.

Alternatively, if you already have accommodation that you think is suitable for receiving SIL services in, we’d be happy to discuss providing care in your place of residence.

Our SIL Accommodation Locations

4 Bedroom SIL House in Narre Warren South

A Spacious Family-Style Home, Close to All Amenities

Our large, family-style home in Narre Warren South is perfect if you want to live in a shared environment with the opportunity to socialise—yet still want your own space and privacy.

With 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, a large outside area and 2 separate living and dining areas, residents can have a high degree of autonomy and flexibility within a supportive environment.

The property is only minutes away from 2 large shopping centres, an aquatic and recreation centre, parks and nature reserves, bus and train stations, several medical centres and a public hospital.

Click the link below to take a virtual tour, or check out our Housing Hub listing for more details.

Virtual Tour

Housing Hub Listing

2 x Self-Contained Units in Berwick

The Ultimate in Accessibility and Independence

Our home in Berwick includes two self-contained one bedroom units, sitting side-by-side with a shared wall. They can be utilised completely independently or with a shared care arrangement.

Built to comfortably accommodate participants with higher support needs, each unit is fully-equipped with its own bathroom, kitchen, laundry, staff room and living area.

With level floors and wide doorways throughout, the units are wheelchair friendly. The dedicated staff room enables the provision of around-the-clock 1:1 support, while allowing space for staff and residents to have some alone time where required.

Our vision with the Berwick home is to give participants with high support needs the option of more independent style community living, while still being in a safe environment where all care needs can be met.

Virtual Tour

Housing Hub Listing


  • Can all SeenCare supported independant living clients use your GP service?

    Yes! Our bulk-billed GP service is available to all SeenCare clients at no additional cost. Also, use of the GP service is entirely optional. You are welcome to keep your regular doctor if you prefer.

  • Do you have SIL accomodation vacancies now?

    Our independent living support vacancies change on a regular basis. Contact us and we’ll let you know if and when we might have a suitable vacancy. Also, we’re actively working to open more SIL homes, so we may be able to allocate you to a soon to be opened property.

  • Is your full range of services available in NDIS supported independent living?

    In general, yes. As long as you have a demonstrated need, you will be able to access the full range of SeenCare Services in supported independent living accommodation.

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